Doric Column Monogram

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Art Deco inspired 3 Letter Initials Monogram Necklace. Customize this necklace with 3 initials of your choice.

Special Features:

  • Customize your Designs & Preview them in Interactive 3D
  • Instant Refund for Defective Products. T&C Apply.
  • Free International Shipping. 20-25 Days Delivery Time.
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Common Monogram Necklaces.
Art Deco inspired 3 Letter Initials Monogram Necklace. Customize this necklace with 3 initials of your choice.
  • Because each Order is Custom Made, please allow at least 20-25 days for manufacture.
  • If a Product is Defective or Damaged on arrival, a full refund or repair can be made.
  • We Accept both Paypal & all Major Credit cards. We take your privacy very seriously. All Transactions on are SSL secure with 128 Bit Encryption. We do not store any credit card numbers on our servers.
  • Please Note that our 3D Display is for visualization purposes only. Your Actually Jewellery will differ in make and quality. We also cannot guarantee a full mirror polish on all designs, some hard to reach places might remain unpolished.

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Our mission is to create premium quality jewellery exactly matched to your individual taste and style. Our unique pieces can be personalised for you or your loved ones, to mark that special occasion or capture a special moment. Our bespoke design service enables you to create unique statement pieces to be cherished and admired.

The Polychemy designer jewellery team take great pride in their creations and every care is taken to produce quality, high-end, boutique style designer jewellery, made to your own distinct style. Using the very latest technology and artistic vision, these unique statement pieces are targeted at customers looking for ageless classic designs, as well as high fashion pieces with a distinctive character.

Combining genuine artistry with the latest in jewellery manufacturing technology - the Polychemy team have created a unique range of 'wearable art' - luxurious, 'one of a kind' pieces that are both eye catching and desirable.

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