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You've Probably Never Thought of This Easy Way to Pay for Your Wedding

With 169 million active accounts, 203 markets and 26 accepted currencies, PayPal is one of the most widely known, global e-payment brands, so it's no wonder couples all over the world are using the website and app as super-simple ways to pay for their weddings.

"With wedding vendors, you have multiple payments, deposits and day-of checks to write, making it hard to remember whom you paid what to when," says Amanda Miller, PayPal's head of global communications and wedding guru.

"All of your transactions are recorded with PayPal, so you can clearly see your payment history, and you don't have to worry about carrying cash or checks around. The site and app are also completely secure and protected, making it the safest way to pay vendors without having to worry about a lost check or confusing the florist's envelope with the caterer's envelope." Another PayPal perk is PayPal Credit.

"Accustomed to paying digitally, I paid for my wedding band with PayPal Credit," Miller says.

"It's the way of doing business in the future. Using PayPal marks a 35 percent increase in sales for vendors, since you can be approved at checkout and it takes less than a minute. Hardly any wait time means more sales for vendors, which is great because it's a largely entrepreneur community and helps to grow businesses in a smart, modern way. They also don't have to wait for checks to clear with the peer-to-peer payment option." Whether you just want to use the peer-to-peer payment option or PayPal Credit, to-be-weds can be in control of their entire financial process this way.

San Francisco-based bride Andi Teggart is a frequent PayPal user who's using its tools for her wedding day.

After getting tired of vendors asking for checks, she started using PayPal to purchase items for her wedding and plans on paying her vendors on the day of the wedding with the app.

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