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Why Wedding Insurance Is a Must

So while you're busy choosing colors and assembling favor bags, don't forget another important decision for your future: insurance policies.

Below, five types all to-be-weds should consider; some may come in handy on your wedding day, while others will keep you covered long after you say "I do." Wedding Insurance Ideally, your wedding will go 100 percent according to plan.

What if your venue goes out of business, you lose your deposit and have to book another space? Or your photographer is double-booked and doesn't show? Or there's a hurricane the day of your wedding? If something does go wrong, wedding insurance can save the day.

Ranging from about $150 to $550, wedding insurance is a relatively inexpensive way to protect what you've spent, reimbursing your deposits and making up for the loss of photos, videos, attire or gifts.

Ring Insurance Engagement and wedding rings are some of the easiest pieces of jewelry to lose, either accidentally or to theft.

Another option is to insure your ring through a company that specializes in jewelry insurance.

Travel Insurance Even if you typically decline travel insurance when booking a vacation, you should factor it into your honeymoon budget.

Travel insurance is still totally worth it-as long as you compare plans and know what you're getting before you buy it.

Pet Insurance Planning to add a dog or cat to your family as soon as you're back from your honeymoon? You may already know that insurance can offset vet bills in the event your four-legged family member gets sick or has an accident.

Just keep in mind that pet insurance plans don't cover preexisting conditions, so it's something to look into right away if you're bringing home a puppy or kitten.

Unlike term insurance, which lasts for a set time period, permanent life insurance-like the policies offered by Principal®-provides lifelong protection.

A permanent life insurance policy also adds up in cash value over time, meaning you might be able to borrow against it on a tax-free basis.

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