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Wedding Superstitions You Can Totally Ignore

There are a lot of wedding superstitions out there, both good and bad, but trying to keep up with them will only add to your wedding stress.

Our advice? Forget about them! This list has all the silly superstitions that are totally okay to ignore-or to put your own twist on.

Bride and groom first look at IronGate Equestrian Center photo by JENNY HAAS PHOTOGRAPHY The Superstition: Back in the day, brides and grooms weren't supposed to see each other until the last minute, so the groom didn't have the chance to change his mind.

Yellow Rose Flower Crown photo by NBARRETT PHOTOGRAPHY The Superstition: During the Victorian era, The Language of Flowers-a book that assigned flowers different words and meanings-was popularized all over Europe.

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring with Classic Wedding Bands photo by NICOLE RYAN PHOTOGRAPHY The Superstition: Get ready for this dramatic idea: As tradition goes, if someone dropped the ring during the ceremony, it meant that person would die.

Photo by ONE LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY The Superstition: Ancient Romans believed that carrying the bride over the threshold of the couple's home protected her from evil spirits.

Photo by OLD PINE PICTORIAL The Superstition: This actually refers to several superstitions.

Unless your family tradition dictates that you find a lucky or auspicious wedding date, choose any beautiful wedding day that works for you, and don't look back.

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