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Wedding Reception Traditions Couples Still Love

Some couples buck tradition completely by skipping reception activities we've come to expect at weddings, like the cake cutting or a garter toss.

Others continue to include these fun, symbolic wedding moments because, let's face it, when's the next time they'll get to toss a bouquet? The Knot 2017 Real Weddings Study asked nearly 13,000 newlyweds whether or not they stuck with these eight traditional wedding reception activities.

85 percent of couples have a cake cutting 78 percent of couples include a best man speech 76 percent of couples have a father-daughter dance 72 percent of couples have a mother-son dance 49 percent of couples do a bouquet toss 37 percent of couples do a garter toss 23 percent of couples have a choreographed first dance 12 percent of couples do a money dance 3 percent of couples have none of these traditions On the fence about adding one of these traditions to your reception timeline? Maybe you like the idea of starting your own tradition or feel like there'd be a gap in your reception without doing something in its place.

Instead of Cutting the Cake One couple who'd never been big cake eaters still wanted to have a similarly celebratory moment around dessert.

Instead of Doing a First Dance Think of something you both love, then do that first something as newlyweds.

We've seen one couple take their version of a first dance to the slopes.

Or take it to the dance floor: Have a special anniversary dance to celebrate all the married couples at your wedding.

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