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Wedding Questions You Didn't Know to Ask

Who's responsible for lifting the bride's veil? Wedding veil tips during the ceremony photo by BOHEMIADELMAR Modern veil styles have encouraged a rewriting of this tradition, but for a traditional veil style that's draped over the bride's face, there are two options.

What side are we supposed to stand on during the ceremony? Ceremony tips for the couple and guest seating photo by MANGO STUDIOS Traditionally, for a Christian ceremony, if you're in a church facing the altar, the bride stands on the left side and the groom on the right.

How should the wedding party travel to the reception? Wedding transportation tips photo by JACQUELINE PATTON PHOTOGRAPHY You and your partner might have the perfect ceremony exit planned, but don't forget you're also responsible for getting your wedding party to the reception.

Where should you put your engagement ring during the ceremony? What to do with your engagement ring during the ceremony photo by JOANNA TANO PHOTOGRAPHY Wear your engagement ring on your right hand or have someone you trust hold it for you.

For Jewish weddings, it's fine to wear your engagement ring and then exchange wedding bands if you want to keep with tradition.

Is there a right way to do the first kiss? Wedding ceremony kissing etiquette photo by SEA LIGHT STUDIOS We probably don't need to tell you to keep it PG, but your first kiss as a married couple definitely doesn't have to be just a peck.

The first is right after the ceremony; another is after taking formal portraits between ceremony and reception; and the third is after the first dance while your guests are eating.

What's the best way to greet guests-besides a receiving line? How to greet wedding guests without a receiving line photo by EMILY JEAN IMAGES We get it-you don't want to stand around after the ceremony in an assembly line.

Can you take your shoes off at any time during the reception? Bridal shoe tips and etiquette photo by POWERS PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIOS We've all been to weddings where guests cut loose on the dance floor and ditch the uncomfortable footwear for bear feet or flats.

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