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Wedding Fights You Might Have With Your Parents

Weddings are wonderful, but we'd be lying if we told you every step of the way was all rainbows and butterflies.

One of the hiccups you might experience on your journey to "I do" is an argument or two with your parents.

Maybe your parents are footing the bill and suddenly find you're asking too much of them.

Maybe there's some damaged pride due to different financial backgrounds between your parents and your partner's.

Guest List You might find your budget and your guest list go hand in hand, which can make things even more complicated when parents get involved.

Do your parents keep adding random circles of friends and long lost family members to your list without asking? No, it's not cool-but you have less of a case to present if they're chipping in financially.

For a frame of reference, a fair way to divvy up your list is for you and your partner to choose half of the guests, while each set of parents gets to choose a quarter.

Planning Whether you're parents are too involved or not involved enough, you might be struggling to get on the same page during the general wedding planning process.

Religion and/or Traditions Deviating from certain wedding-related customs can be a touchy matter of contention between you and your parents, especially if they're on the traditional side.

While it is your wedding, consider one question: Would it really be so bad to throw your parents a bone and find some way to infuse certain traditions into your day? So many couples find meaningful ways to incorporate a religious custom here or a cultural element there, whether it's through attire, food, music or language.

Style Your parents might be the preppiest duo in the neighborhood, but that doesn't mean your wedding reception has to be decked out in pink and green paisley-even if they're paying for the décor.

Style is one wedding element you're allowed to step up and state your opinion on-if something doesn't feel like "You," explain why and what you're willing to do instead. And hey, if they still need proof you're not interested in pink and green paisley, show them the wedding vision you created through the Style Quiz that clearly says your vibe falls in the rustic, bohemian camp.

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