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Wedding Ceremony Seating 101

Ushers: Who Are They? You can enlist a few of your groomsmen to play ushers, or you can ask some relatives or friends to seat your guests.

Ushers really need to know where everyone's supposed to sit - so print out a list for them! Traditionally, female guests are escorted to their seats; the usher offers his right arm to the woman, and her male companion follows them down the aisle.

These days, it's fine for ushers to simply greet guests at the door and lead them to their seats, saying, "Please follow me." Taking Sides Ushers needn't ask guests whose "Side" they are on.

Who Sits Where? Quick answers to your most frequent seating questions: Elderly guests should be seated near the front.

If the bride's or groom's parents are divorced, seat the parent who primarily raised the bride or groom in the front row with his/her spouse, and seat the other parent and his/her spouse in the third row.

The bride's mother is always seated last at a Christian ceremony; the groom's mother is seated just before her.

Brothers of the bride and groom usually seat their mothers; the head usher can do it if the brothers are in the wedding party, or a brother can seat his mom and then take his place with the other groomsmen.

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