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Ways to Zap Honeymoon Stress

Plan Ahead The best way to avoid stress during your trip is to take some preliminary planning steps before you leave: sketch out the trip together, agree to a budget before you leave, and read our honeymoon countdown to cover all the bases.

It's also smart to declare at least the first few days of your trip off-limits for sightseeing.

Why? These first few days are crucial to setting the tone of your trip.

Catching up on your sleep first can help you fully appreciate and max out the rest of your days.

It's no wonder that sleepless nights, a diet of junk food and stress, an emotional wedding, too much drinking, and jet lag combine to make your body crash - you finally have time! Physically and mentally, you'll likely be very fragile; don't be surprised if you feel unusually tired or if tempers flare during the first few days of your trip.

Respect Each Other's Limits It's the end of the day and he's tired, you're wired.

If he tuckers out, call it a day or do your own thing.

Don't Overplan Your Days This can be tough, especially if you've flown halfway around the world to soak up a cultural hot spot.

Once there, don't assign every day a long to-do list.

Take Breaks Build downtime into your days, especially if it's hot outside.

True, you've just finished micro-managing your big day, but traveling is a different animal.

Don't let a day - even an hour - be wasted bickering or not speaking because this is not just another day in hometown, America.

You're paying a lot for this day! Be the bigger person and extend the olive branch first.

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