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Ways to Play Up the Romance While Wedding Planning

While you're planning the most romantic day of your life, it might start to feel like you go on more dates with your planner than your bae.

Sound familiar? Read on for some creative ideas that'll keep you feeling totally bonded-after all, there's nothing an unexpected date, a fragrance swap or a little #ThrowbackThursday can't fix.

Turn some of your wedding planning tasks into dates Sure, you've got a lot on your to-do list-but some of those tasks can actually make fun dates! When you have your tasting, many caterers will give you to-go boxes of the dishes you tried.

Why not take them home, light some candles and enjoy a home dinner date, minus the cooking? If you're hiring a band, going out to hear the finalists on your list is another no-brainer date night right there.

Plan dates completely outside of wedding planning too Even science agrees-trying new activities together is one simple key to a happier relationship.

Shake up your regular date nights with something a little unexpected that you've both been wanting to try, like taking a beer-brewing class or a hot air balloon ride.

Commit to one day off each week with no wedding talk Zip, zero, none, nada, zilch.

That means consciously choosing a wedding-free day that works for both of you, whether it's on your regular date night or a lazy weekend day at home.

Send love notes Lovey-dovey text messages are great, but these days getting an actual love letter via snail mail feels extra special.

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