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Unexpected Wedding Snafus and How to Deal with it

So what do you do if your videographer goes AWOL, your flowers wilt within an hour, and your seamstress took your dress in two sizes too many? If you have a legal insurance plan, you can ask a attorney for help.

The low-fee plans from ARAG® include consumer protection and access to attorneys who will walk you through your legal options.

Below, we rounded up a few worst-case scenarios and asked an attorney what actions you should take if they happen to you.

If attendees get sick from the food at your wedding, your attorney can advise you on the possibility of filing a lawsuit or pursuing a breach-of-contract claim.

"If some of the guests were hospitalized, you may even have a personal injury claim," says Arati C. Furness, an ARAG network attorney based in Dallas.

"Those guests would be able to collect as well as the bride and groom." A attorney can also negotiate on your behalf for an appropriate reimbursement for both you and anyone who was severely affected by the bad food.

If they're not, an attorney can help you write a demand letter, which puts your complaint in writing and can be used in court.

Furness suggests checking with a attorney about your state's "Cooling-off" criteria and have them review anything in writing before you sign.

If you do need to get an attorney involved, they can help get your money back, plus damages, and advise on whether you should take legal action.

If you're at the point of court intervention, check with your attorney about the statute of limitations in your state, which varies depending on whether you're suing for breach of contract, fraud or misrepresentation, Furness says: "Take note of when it all went wrong, and then you'll have about a year to file." Speak to an ARAG attorney about your rights and decide the best course of action, so you can feel completely prepared and, most importantly, excited for every step of your wedding journey.

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