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Throwing the Ultimate Wedding After-Party

There will be tons of memorable moments at your wedding, but some of the most fun ones are bound to happen at the after-party, when everyone's relaxed and really letting loose.

Here's how to take your after-party from the expected to the next level.

The Expected: At the end of the reception, you and the rest of the wedding party start desperately Yelping the closest bars where you can keep the fun going.

The Next Level: We know planning yet another event can seem like a lot, but if your reception venue has a hard cut-off, it's essential to plan ahead. If a good friend agrees to host it at their place, you're golden.

The Expected: Your attendants help scoop up any wedding flower arrangements and balloons that are still holding their own and then artfully repurposes them at the next venue.

The Next Level: Your after-party is a new event, so you'll want a few signature decorations to mark the occasion.

Later on, you order pizzas to show up at your postreception bash The Next Level: Make sure everyone gets a substantial bite to eat before heading to the after-party.

As for the after-party itself, if you can imagine the sun coming up when the last of your friends gets ready to depart, having breakfast food on hand is a smart idea.

The Next Level: Budget allowing, there's nothing stopping you from adding an extra surprise by hiring unexpected entertainment.

The Expected: You hail a cab or call a local limo service to take you home, giddily sneaking off to spend your first married night together-and hope your still-partying friends make it home safely too.

The Next Level: Hiring an after-party bus or shuttle is an extra-thoughtful touch, but it may not fit your budget or make sense with people leaving at different times throughout the night.

Want to be your friends' biggest hero the next day too? Assemble hangover kits-think aspirin, Alka-Seltzer and sunglasses-and put them in your out-of-town guests' welcome baskets, or just pass them out at the end of the night.

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