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This Is Why Guests Are RSVPing No to Your Wedding

Check out some of the main reasons your friends and family might feel compelled to RSVP no, below.

It's a Destination Wedding It's totally fine to have a destination wedding, even if you know some people might not be able to attend-your wedding should be your vision, after all.

If you have any loved ones that might fall into those categories, you can likely expect them to decline.

They Weren't Given a Plus-One No, you're not expected to give everyone a plus-one, and if you're not sure who should get one based on etiquette, check out our comprehensive guide here.

You could unintentionally make someone feel slighted if they weren't given the option to bring their significant other-or making them feel straight-up awkward if they won't know a whole lot of the other guests and they have to come alone.

So just remember: Anyone who's in a serious relationship or anyone who's an important guest who won't know a ton of people should be able to bring a date.

They Can't Bring Their Children Hey, we're all for adults-only weddings.

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