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The Best Way to Explain Why Someone Isn't Invited to Your Wedding

Feeling like you can only invite a small percentage of your acquaintances to such an important life event can be extremely difficult, especially if you need to face the friends you can't or won't invite between now and your wedding day.

Under no circumstance do you want someone who isn't invited to feel like you are cutting them out of your life because they didn't receive an invite to your wedding.

Pretty easy, right? Here's how it works in pretty much every scenario: The scenario: A friend you haven't kept in touch with The Scene: Most likely, this person knows that you've fallen out of touch, but they might want to get back in touch with you for the purpose of getting invited to the wedding.

Someone who you genuinely like and have felt close to is reaching out again, and you'd love to include them, but budget-wise or space-wise you just can't afford to invite them.

If you're not close to your coworkers, or you simply don't have the budget to invite everyone from work that you like, first thing's first: You don't have to invite anyone from work.

The second thing to keep in mind: Inviting one person from work doesn't mean you have to invite everyone.

The Script: Now that we've cleared the air, how in the world do you keep the peace at work and explain things to the people who aren't invited? Yep! It's time to give them the line about your budget.

No matter how many people ask you about being invited to your wedding, this answer always works simply because it is true.

The scenario: A relative you aren't close to The Scene: This is a tougher one, because it involves family, and while you may not be particularly close to a relative of yours, inviting them might mean a lot to your parents, or other close relatives.

The Script: Don't talk about budget and space issues with your parents, they know that there are very real other reasons as to why you don't want to invite this particular relative and you just have to sort it out between the two of you.

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