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People You Don't Want to Invite to the Wedding

Bridesmaid's New Boyfriend Why He's Invited: Okay, so it's a little off-putting that he never wears shoes and has yet to tell you congratulations, but even if he isn't your top pick to hang out with, one of your closest friends adores him.

Not inviting her boyfriend would be pretty uncool, since all of your wedding party members should get a plus-one.

Eccentric Wedding Planner Why They're Invited: Aside from the fact that they're planning and executing your entire wedding, they're number one in command on the day-of.

Little Niece Why She's Invited: You explicitly told your sister you weren't inviting kids to your wedding, but she decided that rule didn't apply to her child.

Partner's Flirtatious Frat Brother Why He's Invited: It may be difficult to forget the last time you met up with your partner's best college buddy-since he spent half the night hitting on you and your friends.

Cousin Why She's Invited: You might have played in the sandbox together 20 years ago, but now, you can't even remember if she was the cousin with the glasses or the one who borrowed your favorite doll and never gave it back.

Wedding Downer Why She's Invited: She's one of your best friends and has been by your side for as long as you can remember.

If there aren't many singles in your circle of friends, invite her to bring a date, even if it's just a friend.

Your Boss Why She's Invited: Listen, we totally get it-it's almost impossible not to shout your engagement from the mountain tops, or to keep from talking about your wedding planning while at work.

So if you've discussed your day at work so often your boss feels as close to the wedding as your bridesmaids-you need to extend the invite.

Where to Put Her: Invite your boss along with their significant other.

Tipsy Uncle Why He's Invited: Don't you just love that family rule? Your uncle is one of your parents' brothers, or one of their siblings' spouses, and the fact that he's known to down a few too many craft brews doesn't change that.

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