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Mother of the Groom Etiquette

Can the groom's parents host the engagement party? Anyone can host the engagement party, but tradition dictates that the bride's parents have first dibs on the soirée.

Who makes the first move? Traditionally, the groom's parents call on the bride's parents after their son announces the engagement.

What's the wedding day dress code? Per general etiquette, the mother of the bride buys her wedding dayoutfit first, then notifies the mother of the groom about the color, length and overall formality of her choice.

What are the traditional mother of the groom responsibilities? Typically, the bride is in charge of assigning tasks, and the degree of mom involvement should be left to her discretion.

The mother of the groom can take over any of the wedding planning responsibilities once you get the go-ahead from the bride.

Does the father of the groom have a specific to-do list? The father of the groom can get in on many tasks-definitely include him in any of the things you plan on tackling yourself, or split your to-do list down the middle.

If the groom's family and friends live far away from the bride's, can the mother of the groom host a separate shower including only the groom's loved ones? It's most traditional to have just one shower, hosted by the bride's attendants, with the mother of the groom and other groom family members included on the guest list.

So it's okay for a bride to be feted by the groom's family in addition to the original bridal shower.

The groom's mom should just make sure to touch base with the bride's maid of honor to let her know that her decision to throw a separate shower is because of the distance.

Does the groom's family only pay for the rehearsal dinner or should they plan it too? Who makes up the guest list? Confer with the bride and groom to devise a game plan that you and the father of the groom, as hosts, will eventually carry out.

So you can probably expect to join the ranks after the ceremony; traditionally, the groom's parents and bride's parents will flank the newly married couple in line.

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