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Make Out-of-Town Wedding Guests Feel at Home

One of the simplest things you could do for your guests is to provide a wedding itinerary.

After sending out your invitations, mail guests an additional clever, elegant or interesting communiquè with a complete rundown of the events leading up to and following your walk down the aisle.

Create a wedding website for an easily referenced one-stop-shop for guests to check up on everything you have planned.

Put important details for airlines and hotels on an insert sent out with your invitation or post it separately on your wedding itinerary or web page so guests can book their flights and rooms early and know how to get around once they arrive.

To get the best deal for your guests, reserve blocks of rooms at a couple of hotels.

Keep your guests' probable budget range in mind and recommend a range of hotels for every budget.

The purpose is to let guests know you appreciate their effort to join you for your special day.

Create welcome packets of relevant information to leave in guests' rooms with another copy of your wedding itinerary, plus local brochures and sightseeing maps.

Leading up to the main event, you may have plenty to fuss over, but out-of-town guests may not.

If many guests are showing up the night before the ceremony, suggest ways they can get involved.

Ask a friend or relative to host a gathering like a backyard barbecue or pizza party to help guests get to know one another, or arrange to have everyone meet together at a restaurant or bar.

For guests who like to entertain themselves, supply a roster of your favorite restaurants, shops and local movie theaters as a thoughtful gesture.

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