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Last-Minute Questions to Ask Your Wedding Vendors

How much do I owe you and when are my payments due? Why you want toknow: Get on the same page with each vendor about what you owe them andwhen.

Who is the wedding day point person and what's the best way to get in contactwith them? Why you want to know: In case you need to get in touch with thevendor or a designated employee, keep their name, a phone number and evena back-up phone number to call in case you can't get in touch with them at amoment's notice.

Have you completed the labor-intensive and complicated tasks? What's left todo and how long will you need to finish the rest? Why you want to know: Notthat you're trying to micromanage, but at this point you do want to make sureyour vendors are on the right track.

Do you have all the ingredients that I ordered? Why you want to know: Youmay have talked through what you wanted with your vendors months ago, butbefore the wedding, confirm that the details you've chosen are still available or, if not, that there's an alternative you love just as much.

How soon are we allowed to start setting everything up? Why you want toknow: Depending on your venue, you and your vendors may be able to get tothe site and start setting up the day before.

How much time will photos take considering my shot list? Why you want toknow: It's important to know the estimated amount of time your photographerand videographer will need to take the shots and footage you've requested.

How much time will it take to serve and clean up the dinner course? Why youwant to know: Find out how much time it will take to serve the entire dinner, aswell as each course individually.

Plus, if you want to schedule your toasts during the time between the first andmain courses, you'll need to know how much time to plan for.

How long do you expect the ceremony to be? Why you want to know: Get theirestimate for how long the ceremony will last, taking into account the readings, songs and traditions you've picked.

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