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How to Plan Your Wedding Without Losing Your Mind

One newlywed shares the hard-won advice she learned through the ups and downs of planning her wedding last year.

We struggled to agree about certain issues, like how big the guest list would be; Kellen wanted to invite literally everyone he has ever met in his life to the wedding, including his entire office.

In the end, who cares what your friends think? It's your wedding, and you know what you want.

It's not fair for one person to always get his or her way, so you have to figure out how to compromise-something you will have to do as a married couple for years to come! For us, that meant finding something that Kellen could splurge on while I tried my hardest to scrimp on other parts of the wedding: My dress was a sample-sale dress, our photographer was a full-time teacher who did weddings on the side, and our florist was a very small mom-and-daughter shop that was super-affordable.

Registering is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning, but I wish we had spent a little time researching and really thinking about what we needed before we just went crazy at Macy's and Target.

Everything is going to be hectic up until the last minute-our DJ cancelled on the morning of our wedding, and one of Kellen's groomsmen didn't come to the rehearsal.

It's easy to become frantic, but I kept telling myself to stay as calm as possible and to take in the fact that today is my wedding day and that it's going to be awesome no matter what.

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