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How to Plan Your Honeymoon

Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Start researching possible locations online, talk to a travel agent and poll friends for ideas.

Find a travel agent who specializes in your destination, activity or mode of transportation.

Investigate what your frequent-flyer point balance can buy you and research honeymoon registry options like Honeyfund or Zola, which let your guests gift money toward your travels.

Ask your travel agent or visit the CDC Travelers' Health Site to check whether certain vaccinations are recommended or required before visiting your destination.

Consider signing up for travel insurance if one of the following apply: one of you has health issues; you're concerned about your safety; or the weather threatens to wreak havoc on your honeymoon.

Research travel insurance coverage offered by your credit cards, travel agent or an independent agency; secure additional coverage for your specific concerns if necessary.

Research and book tours, theater tickets, hot restaurant seats and any other activities that require advance reservations-earlier if you're traveling during peak season-through your travel agent or soon-to-be hotel concierge.

Two Weeks Ahead Pick up airline tickets and all applicable vouchers from your travel agent.

Make two to three sets of photocopies of your passport, credit cards, insurance, wills-basically any paperwork people would need if your wallet were stolen or something happened to you.

Give one set each to a parent and/or a relative or friend, pack one set in your luggage and leave one set in your safe at home.

Feeling techy? Download DUFL, which will store, ship, pick up and clean your travel items, so they're waiting at your hotel and back home when you arrive.

Call your cell phone carrier to get an international travel plan if you're traveling abroad. Three Days Ahead Reconfirm overseas flights.

Prepare your house or apartment for your departure-eat or dispose of perishable food, water plants, set timers and security alarms, and turn off recurring clock alarms.

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