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How to Plan For a Large Guest List

Photos are lovely and rave word-of-mouth reviews are great, but until you see the venue with your own eyes, you can't fully envision the floor plan and see where 25 guest tables, and subsequently, 25 large centerpieces, will fit, or the dance floor that can accommodate 200 people.

With a large guest list, it's easy for the space to get hot and stuffy quickly with hundreds of people dancing and walking around, so knowing important facts about the venue's air conditioning and heating situation is key too.

Your wedding guests are coming to see and celebrate you-but having over 200 people means that it's a challenge to spend time with every single one of them.

Simply put, the more guests you have at your wedding, the more expensive it will be.

"If you haven't spoken to the people on your guest list within the last five years, they probably shouldn't be on your guest list," says Valentine.

If you can't picture yourself wanting to spend five whole minutes with the person in question on your wedding day, then they should probably be left off the guest list.

"With a large wedding guest list, if you're going to have your ceremony and reception in two separate locations, you've got to think about the people coming in from out of town," says Valentine.

If you're having 200 guests, that means that 200 people who may not be familiar with the area are going to have to maneuver public transportation, ride services, or rental cars-not to mention possible traffic and parking issues in big cities.

What's more fun than creating a signature mac and cheese, mashed potato or ice cream sundae bowl at a wedding? But tread lightly with hundreds of guests, since that area could go from meticulous to messy in a matter of minutes.

"I'm more inclined to do smaller, niche treats you can pre-make and guests can just come and get. It's still fun and interactive with less mess." For example, Valentine took the ever-popular candy bar trend a step further with one couple and made an apple "Orchard." "We put two giant trees on a table, decorated it with orchids and hydrangeas and hung little trays of different kinds of apples all over it," says Valentine.

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