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How to Deal With Your Worst Guest List Nightmares

Nightmare #1: There are way too many people you want to invite.

Include every single person you'd like to invite.

These are people you would enjoy having at your wedding but who can't be invited in the first round.

Feel free to invite approximately 10 percent more guests than your target number, since between 10 and 20 percent of those invited will decline.

If more people decline than you originally anticipated, start inviting from the B list within a reasonable time frame-you don't want to give them the impression they were on the "Maybe" list.

Nightmare #2: Your parents desperately want you to invite people you've never heard of before.

Just who is Sylvia Klein and why is she invited to your wedding? You'll be asking yourself many of these questions.

Today, though some couples may pay for their own weddings, they're still subject to parental input on who gets invited.

One possible plan: If the two of you are footing most of the bill, give each set of parents a certain number of people they can invite.

No doubt the talk at lunch will be who got the invite and who didn't.

A good rule of thumb is if you're friends outside of work, you'll probably want to invite them.

If you want to keep who's invited on the down low, you can always ask those guests not to tell anyone they're invited.

If you'd like an adults-only reception, you'll need to establish guidelines and invite children over a certain age.

If guests make a fuss and say they won't be able to come to your wedding without their toddlers or infants, express your regrets but tell them it would be unfair to others you've said no to.

It's probably not necessary to invite your entire sorority pledge class if you haven't seen half of them since college.

You don't have to invite couples you're not close with anymore just because you went to their weddings.

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