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How to Cut Costs on Your Reception Menu

Pick more casual style food that can be served in a fun and interesting way, such as a corn dog cart, a New Orleans-style barbecue station or a make-it-yourself pizza bar," says Antoun.

"There are many low cost food items that can be turned into a foodie's dream." Serving Up Savings If you're still in shock from the average $68 per person cost, Antoun is not surprised, as "People assume catering is going to be the same as food costs at a restaurant, but it's always more expensive because catering is personalized, and essentially your 'own' restaurant for the day." "Another common misconception is that a buffet should be cheaper than a plated meal," says Antoun.

"While that can be true by a small margin, it's not necessarily the case." That's because even though you may require less server staff, the food cost increases since a larger, less-predictable volume of food needs to be available.

If you really want to cut back on the catering without skimping on servings and food quality, Antoun offers the following advice: 1.

Use non-traditional cuts of meat: Different cuts of meat, such as beef cheeks, pork belly and seasonal, local fish, can actually enhance the menu and food selections.

Pass on passed appetizers: While these are nice to have, if you're really trying to save money on food, this is a great place to cut down.

You can decrease your food cost and labor/staff hours.

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