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How to Avoid Opening Bridal Shower Gifts in Public

So how come every time the moment for gift opening arrives the festivities take an iffy turn? We went to Jeff Beil, CEO of Tendr for insight on why this part of the shower gets uncomfortable, and what you can do about it.

Guests Lose Interest It's also natural for individual guests to become disinterested while the bride isn't opening their gift specifically.

"Unless there's a way to have all of your guests interacting with the bride and each other, individuals will start to feel left out," Beil says.

Some Guests Have Gifting Anxiety Another reason some guests dislike this part of the party? Their potential anxiety around gift quality.

"Maybe they aren't the best gift giver, or maybe they aren't as financially stable as other guests, and they have to worry about everyone's judgment," Beil says.

Guests who come with more modest presents might not want their offering compared with the more lavish ones in front of the group.

"She's put on the spot in front of all her guests, opening every present with a smile plastered across her face," Beil says.

Open Gifts Later Ultimately, no bride wants to appear ungrateful to her guests by neglecting their thoughtful gifts, but it may be in everyone's best interest for her to open them in private.

Take the time to write a personalized thank-you for each specific present, including how you'll use it, what it means to you and, of course, how much you appreciated your guests' presence at the party," he says.

Chances are, they'll feel relieved they didn't have to sit through the gift opening.

" Save Paper You could pin it on saving the trees, but having your guests arrive with their gifts unwrapped will help eliminate the tedious process of peeling off the packaging for each and every present-and all the emotions that come with it.

Set up a gifting table and ask everyone to place their offering on it, or have a brief portion of the party dedicated to giving and receiving unwrapped gifts.

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