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Fun Engagement Party Games You’re Going to Love

Hosting an engagement party doesn't mean just having delicious food anddrinks at a fun location-it also means having plenty of enjoyable engagementparty games on hand too.

Of course, playing engagement party games definitely isn't mandatoryengagement party etiquette, but it can only add to the fun.

Engagement Party Game 1

How Well Do You Know the Couple? What you'llneed to play: Pads of paper, pens or pencils, prizes How to play: This versatiletrivia engagement party game is fun, foolproof and all about the couple.

Engagement Party Game 2

Picture Match What you'll need to play: Photos ofthe couple, scissors, envelopes How to play: If you're inviting guests from allover the map, whose only thing in common is their connection to the couple, this picture-matching engagement party game helps jump-start the chitchat.

Engagement Party Game 3

Wedding Bingo What you'll need to play: Homemade Bingo boards for each guest, Bingo chips, pennies or other smallmarkers, prizes How to play: Who doesn't love an old-fashioned game of Bingo? It's a throwback that's perfect for personalizing, especially for an engagementparty game.

Engagement Party Game 4

Guess the Famous Couples What you'll need toplay: Pads of paper, pens or pencils, bowl, prizes How to play: For thissurprisingly tricky engagement party guessing game, have each guest writedown 10 famous romantic couples and place them in a bowl.

Engagement Party Game 6

Who's Who? What you'll need to play: Premadelists, pens or pencils How to play: This engagement party game is all about theattendees of the engagement party.

Engagement Party Game 7

 Two Truths and a Lie What you'll need to play: Agood imagination How to play: Another awesome icebreaker engagement partygame! Guests each get a turn to share three statements about themselves.

Engagement Party Favors One of the best parts of playing engagement partygames, in addition to all the laughs, is handing out engagement party favors.


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