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Expenses Bridesmaids Are Expected to Cover

To get the conversation started, here's a complete guide to what bridesmaids are and aren't typically expected to pay for.

Traditionally, your bridal party is expected to cover: Hotel and Travel Traditionally, how your bridesmaids get to the wedding and where they stay is on them, but they should feel comfortable discussing their financial needs with you.

Wedding Ensemble Bridesmaid dresses, shoes and accessories are their responsibility.

Bridal Shower Depending on who's hosting, your maid of honor and bridesmaids are often expected to foot the the bridal shower bill.

Wedding Present In money, time and effort, your bridesmaids are paying for a lot, so don't be shocked or offended if they don't get you a wedding gift.

Traditionally, you're expected to cover: Bouquets, Corsages and Other Floral Accessories The bride and her family are expected to pay for the bridesmaid bouquets and other floral accents like corsages.

Wedding Day Transportation Traditionally, the bride and her family are responsible for coordinating and covering day-of wedding transportation for all guests and the wedding party.

If you're impartial, but your bridesmaids insist on using a professional glam squad, offer to split the bill or pay for it as their bridesmaid gift-otherwise, they can cover their own beauty services.

Your bridesmaids may have already split a room with a plus-one for the duration of their stay, and they shouldn't have to pay for yet another room.

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