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Easy Ways to Help Your Bridesmaids Save Money

Being in your wedding party doesn't need to push your bridesmaids' bank accounts over the edge-as long as you set reasonable expectations from the start and find ways accommodate varying budgets and backgrounds.

We chatted with Farnoosh Torabi, personal finance expert and Chase Slate Financial Education Ambassador for her take on how to help bridesmaids save money throughout the wedding process.

"As the bride, one of your roles is to dictate the financial tenet or tone of the wedding party. It's easy to guess whether or not it's going to be an expensive wedding based on bride's lifestyle, taste and all of that," Torabi says.

If your wedding party is a mixed bag in terms of financial circumstances, be prepared to see some of your bridesmaids bow out of an event here or a gift there.

"For bridesmaids, use the couple's wedding timeline to your advantage," Torabi says.

"The good news is the wedding isn't tomorrow-it's probably not even in four weeks. A lot of times couples will take their time between the proposal and the wedding day-that's a long time to be able to save a little bit." Even if you have nothing saved up right now, start putting a little bit to the side, to the best of your ability, as a sort of "Participatory wedding fund," as Torabi calls it.

"If you can find ways to create a wedding party style that's to your liking and taste, but isn't super expensive, that's a great first step. Your bridesmaids will know you're keeping them in mind, not just picking the best, most expensive dress." You have several options for making the dress-finding process easy for your crew.

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