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Easy Ways to Feel Your Best Before Your Wedding

Read some super-easy ways to simply feel as healthy, happy and balanced as possible-even in the throes of wedding planning-below.

If you sit in your car stuck in traffic for a few hours every day only to sit at your desk for the rest of the day, try to take a walk before or after work to clear your mind.

However you want to do it, walking is cardio that's good for your body and your stress levels.

Yes, you should make sure you're walking outside as much as possible.

According to integrative medicine specialist Frank Lipman, MD, and author of the book How to Be Well, getting into green space is as vitally important to your health as eating your greens.

If you live somewhere where green space is sparse, do yourself a favor and make time to go to a local park or area where you can actually enjoy nature and not sit on your computer doing work or wedding planning.

You should still eat-or-drink your greens as much as possible though.

Whether it's a once-a-week pickup from your local café, or a shipment of juices to store in your fridge, getting real, raw nutrients is vital if you want more energy and glowing skin-and who doesn't? Drinking juices chock-full of vitamins like B12, C and E will have you feeling amazing long before your wedding day rolls around, regardless of the "Accidental cheat days" that might slip in here and there.

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