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Biggest Wedding Guest Myths

Good news: Your favorite little black dress can definitely be appropriate for a wedding.

Though black might not be the ideal option for a mid-day spring or summer ceremony, black is perfectly fine for any evening wedding.

Not sure where they're registered for gifts? Wondering about transportation? Need to know if there will be a babysitter at the wedding reception? Don't pick up the phone and immediately call the bride or groom.

Find out if the couple has a wedding website, which could very well include all the information you need.

For a personal touch, pick an item that has some significance for you and the couple, and include a letter that lets them know you put some thought into their wedding gift and got them something they really wanted.

Unless your wedding invitation includes a phrase like "And guest," don't assume you're free to bring a date.

No matter how far you've traveled to attend a wedding, the couple isn't required to pay for your hotel.

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