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Biggest Factors That Affect Your Wedding Guest List

Your partner has a friend you can't stand, you have long-distance relatives you feel obligated to invite and your parents want to include everyone they know-welcome to your wedding guest list.

Couples-along with their parents-have been successfully making guest lists forever, and you'll figure out your final headcount soon too.

Who's Chipping In If you're running into the question of how to divvy up your list, consider who's contributing what.

Another way to do it is to split the list into three, taking half the list for yourselves and giving a quarter to each of your parents.

Catering Costs Because food is usually one of the largest costs associated with a wedding, and because catering costs are determined on a per-person basis, keeping your guest list small is a major money saver.

Depending on what you serve, the per-person price tag can range anywhere from $20 to $200. If you like, start by making as big a list as you can-your dream list.

It's helpful to make a list of top priorities when it comes to your budget and guest list: Would you rather go with a less expensive fare and add 20 more guests, or keep your list tight-knit and splurge on the menu? That's a decision you and your partner should make together.

The Venue Factor Your choice of a reception venue is also dependent on your guest list is.

Your Partner's Friends When it comes to your partner's guest list picks, be ready to compromise and go with the flow.

Your partner's list might be much larger than yours, or maybe they have a group of friends you're not exactly obsessed with.

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