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Best Ways to Include Your Dad in Your Wedding Planning

Helping Around the House If menial jobs await-licking 200 envelopes, folding programs, transporting favors, organizing a spreadsheet-ask your dad to lend a hand.

Making Decisions Don't underestimate your dad's artistic abilities.

Letting Loose You and your dad have a big dance number coming up soon.

Feel free to let loose with your dad as you practice your sweet number-he might surprise you with his smooth dance moves too.

Curbing Cold Feet When you're suffering from pre-marriage jitters, your dad could be a wonderful confidant.

Enlist your dad's help with last-minute activities like confirming the number of guests with the caterer or calling your vendors to verify the correct time and place or just helping to calm you down.

Keeping Time At the reception, ask your dad to play wedding coordinator if you haven't hired one.

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