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Awesome Wedding Workouts to Do With Your Fiancé

Finding motivation to work out can be hard enough without the pressure of fitting into a dress or a tux, but having a partner usually makes it bearable-and who better to join you in your workouts than your fiance? We spoke to some of our favorite instructors and personal trainers to find the most creative and effective couple's workouts.

Use Medicine Balls and Resistance Bands Weighted medicine balls and resistance bands are an easy way to incorporate a partner into your workout, and there are endless ways to use them.

Want to tone your biceps? Have one partner perform a wall-sit, holding the middle of a resistance band while the other partner grabs each end of the band and does bicep curls.

Just have your partner push back at you while you try to tone legs and arms: While you're curling your biceps or triceps, your partner will hold your hands and push back the opposite direction gently, or while you're lying down for leg lifts, your partner can place their hands on your feet to resist you.

Adding a bit of extra weight or resistance can make your workout much more effective, so you get more out of each move.

Take a Class Together If you're both in need of motivation, take a class together or hire a personal trainer to work both of you out.

Pause Unmute 0:06 / 1:17 Fullscreen Work Together or Compete Work toward personal goals by having your partner encourage you.

"Tabata is easily digestable for anyone, because the most work you're doing is for 20 seconds, then you get a break," explains Erica Robertellio, personal trainer and owner of The Living Room Brooklyn, a training facility in New York City.

"Doing a Tabata exercise for 15 minutes is more effective than doing a traditional strength training workout for 30 minutes. People who do Tabata-based exercises loose more weight than people who do traditional strength-based exercise." Plus, you can get free Tabata timer apps on your smartphone that will count down the seconds for you.

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